Welcome to WDF Lobby Registration

With a single step you can create your FREE DartConnect Account and gain access to the online WDF Challenge Lobby.

What Is a Challenge Lobby?

A challenge lobby is an online destination where players can post and accept darts match offers. The DC Lobby allows you to select your match length and choose between 501, 301 or Cricket.

Who Is Allowed Into the Lobby?

The DC Global Lobby is open to anyone with a Premium Membership. Private lobbies are sponsored by various organizations and leagues. These are invite only, and the sponsor determines the lobby hours and settings.

What Are the Requirements?

At a minimum, you should have a regulation darting set up, quality WiFi where you you PLAY, and compatible equipment. While a webcams are NOT required, DC marks which players are using a webcam, so you can determine the online experience you prefer. Learn More

Why DartConnect?

DC’s online lobby uses the same interface that is used by tournaments and leagues around the world. The familiar scoring platform replicates the environment you will be in when it matters, allowing you to focus on your darts. In addition, all of your performance data is captured and tracked in a single account.